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you are 3d reality

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Your Are Reality

Probably a strange concept to get your head around. You are reality. There is not you and then reality. It is not outside of you but is you. Think of it like your shadow, it changes depending on your changes. If you move internally, it moves. Try not to think in terms of the outside and the inside, but the whole.

3D reality is not controlling you. It is responding to your vibration. It changes depending on the energy you hold in the moment.

Everything is Energy

It is a fact. That is one thing we can be absolutely sure of. Now imaging the start of everything. There was just one energy. That energy is manipulated by frequency. It changes in vibration at this point and therefore, what we call reality changes along with it.

If you wake up in the morning and you spill your coffee on your pure white living room carpet, it is quite natural to feel annoyed, angry even. You might curse yourself and scrub at the carpet in frustration. It’s left a stain and you don’t have time to fix it as you have to get the work. The vibration of that incident is still with you. You drive to work and you are plagued with dumb ass motorists and random temporary traffic lights. Someone under-takes you on the dual carriageway and you scream at them even though they are long gone. Your vibration is amplifying.

If you don’t begin to get ahold of it, your whole day will be a series of unfortunate events! It’s not our reaction that’s the problem, it’s our reaction to the reaction. We cannot help that feeling of annoyance when we spill our coffee. We don’t plan to feel that way, we don’t activate the vibration of it on purpose, it just happens. What we can do is stop it in it’s tracks before it manifests our whole day.

Lucky People

People we think of as lucky are just good at living in the feel good vibe. They probably let things go easier than most or they might simply feel lucky. If someone constantly tells themself that they are lucky, and they feel it, they inevitably are. They vibrate good luck in the back-ground. Their auto-pilot program is ‘I am lucky’

subliminal letting go

Just as lucky has a vibe, so does unlucky. If you are going about life with an inherent belief that bad shit always happens to you, you are vibing it. It’s there in the back-ground so you probably don’t give it attention until some of that bad stuff actually happens. What do you do in this instance? You think ‘Typical. I am so unlucky. This crap keeps happening to me’

You may be forgiven for thinking ‘Well some really lucky people are total miserable shits’ so how does that work. Being a miserable shit does not mean they are on the same frequency as those bad things. They can have an underlying program that is ‘lucky’ or simply don’t feel unlucky. Bad things will occasionally happen to them but they are able to brush them off and not live in the vibration of them.

So Everything Bad in My Life is Down to Me?

Sometimes really odd stuff happens in my life and there is no way of telling how it came to be. Specific things are not necessarily created by us (unless we know that we felt them and created them) but tones of them create our reality. It’s not useful to think too hard on the subject. If I did then I might blame myself for things that I really felt I had no control over. Maybe I did, but then again, if I did, what the hell sort of design are we? There was a serious flaw in the planning stages that went undetected.

I look at it like this. If I want to experience my life a certain way, I cannot have a vibration of the opposite or even similar. I have to know what I want and get as close to that vibration as I can. Maybe I practise the feeling of having it on and off and avoid the feeling of lack. Then I go about my day, my week, as if this moment is all that matters (because it is really isn’t it?) – It’s mostly in the surrender. If I had to name one crucial part it would be just that, surrender. That simply means leave it alone. Let it grow and blossom until you it shows in your life.

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