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Why Circumstances Don’t Matter

Law of Attraction Frequently Asked Question

How is it possible that we can manifest no matter what. Who says that circumstances don’t matter? They surely must matter in my case….

This is probably the most commonly asked question amongst my members. Some just cannot believe that in their case a circumstance won’t mean a damn thing when it comes to manifesting their ex back for example.

As strange as it may seem, circumstances don’t mean anything. Look at it this way. The past is gone. It has no relevance to what you can create. It is only a hurdle in our own mind and that then passes to our subconscious that agrees whole-heartedly that of course they matter.

Manifesting When Circumstances Dictate You Should Not Be Able to

When you decide to follow the law of attraction it is a life choice. It’s much like religion. You don’t have to understand it but you do need to have faith that something other than our physical reality is at work. So let’s say that you can’t get your head around your circumstances not mattering. The key is not to worry about your feelings on the topic. Don’t try to convince yourself that they don’t matter. Just don’t engage with them and that way you strip the past of its power. You’ll see things happen that cannot be explained and you’ll gradually start to realise that you believe that they don’t matter without having tried to believe.

Alternate reality Theory

It’s my belief that we swip-swap between realities that we create all of the time. So what happened to you in this reality does not have to come with you to the next one. When you decide to create a whole new relationship with a person you are moving into a reality where they feel differently because they are not the version that you left behind.

The more you practise with LOA and start to see changes in your life, the more you will change your belief system naturally. That is how it happened for me. I stopped trying hard to change the way that I felt and played around with this magic. I made cool things happen and then I made some really significant things happen. I manifested a writing career, a new car and a phone in one day, a trip to Italy, a hugely boosted bank balance, all of my staff asking to go freelance, a new office….the list goes on and on.

The Theory That Magic Exists

This may be too out there for some but for me it rocks. Magic is something that we can’t explain. There is no explanation for the law of attraction and why we can manifest absolutely anything under all sorts of circumstances because the Universe doesn’t see a circumstance. Work at feeling it as if it has happened and leave the rest to magic. The less you spend time considering what it is, the easier it will be.

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