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This is Why You DON’T Need a Law of Assumption Coach

This probably sounds a bit strange given that I am myself a coach. I am not a law of assumption coach although I do help people manifest and sometimes I have to explain and talk about the law of assumption and what if means for manifestation. Hmmm, so now it seems like I am back-tracking. I’m not. Hear me out before you click away.

No-one needs to pay a coach for a course in the law of assumption. All you need to do is understand what it is and what it means in your own life. Other than that, you don’t need a coach to tell you that you have to start paying attention to those negative assumptions you have and transfer your energy to something better.

There is no value to you in having someone tell you over and over that you need to force those new assumptions with affirmations or anything else that might help you to start thinking and feeling different. It’s the ongoing aspect of coaching I am referring to. If you feel that you want to affirm then make a list of affirmations that focus on the way you want to feel. Watch your negative self talk that back up the outdated beliefs and assumptions you know you have that are not serving you. Other than that, there is nothing I can tell you in this regard. I can explain to you that your assumptions create your reality and a negative one that is in contradiction to what you want to achieve will have an ongoing effect on what you see in the 3D and I can help you locate those beliefs and assumptions but we could probably do that in one session. It’s then down to you to put in the mental work, the mind-set shifting exercises. The shift has to come from you.

Manifesting and Coaching

Manifesting in general is another matter. It’s complex yet simple all at the same time. The complexity comes because we have an over-thinking mind that also thinks it knows best. We want something and then we tell ourselves why we can’t have it. Even if we don’t do that, we have a feeling inside of us that is saying ‘There are too many reasons this can’t happen’ or ‘It’s so unlikely this will happen given the circumstances’

These are the things we need to look at. We need to start feeling the possibilities before we can shift in reality so that we experience those things.

Mind-set and manifesting go hand in hand in my opinion. Sure, you might manifest a few things, but the bigger things, the things that only ‘some’ people get to experience, well those things might continue to elude you because of your dominant feeling state of ‘I don’t have this and am probably never going to’

manifesting and quantum physics

Manifesting and Resistance

When we tell ourselves that some things are just too big or that some people are luckier than others, we add a whole heap of resistance to the matter. Sure, some people are lucky, but that’s not down to fate, it’s down to their own inner world. The way they look at life and it’s possibilities. Even if they aren’t always thinking they are lucky, there is an energetic force at play and they are tapped into the lucky vibe. Anyone can do it though. Just as some people seem to attract the bad stuff, it’s just a vibe, an overall feeling about life and how it treats us. But the thing is, it doesn’t choose to treat us in any particular way. It just follows our lead. It takes it’s instruction from our vibration.

All of this is something to work at. Developing a new way of seeing life and therefore changing what you see in your 3D reality.

When someone comes to me and asks about coaching in the law of assumption I will tell them this: There’s more to this than that, but you don’t need me to tell you that your assumptions need to fall in-line with your desires. If you already know this, then don’t pay anyone to help you change things. They’ll only tell you what you already know. Spend your time working out what is going on inside of you and then look at how you can change that. Don’t rely on affirmations as a way of changing the 4D unless you are resistance free. When you affirm from a place of lack, you might begin to build more resistance with affirmations. Why? because you are constantly aware of what you want and that you don’t have it. When we are constantly aware of something, we tend to live in the vibration of what we can see right now, what our eyes are telling us is real. We don’t give our subconscious mind a chance to start going to work to bring what we want into our reality. We keep it in the same only same old. It stays there and so do we.

You’ve Got This

You CAN do this. You can change your inner world if you make the decision to do it for the sake of feeling better. What is better than that? If you feel good, optimistic, excited, neutral even, you are aligning with the reality you want to experience. It starts with a determination to change and it all happens from that point.

Look at manifestation coaching as an aid to get you to the right feeling state, to uncover out-dated auto pilot programs and to help you install new one’s that will actually serve you.

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