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Steps to manifest anything you want

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Steps to Manifest Anything You Want

Only you can’t try too hard…

Hmm, really? What sort of a paradox is this you might ask? Want it but not too much or else it will move further and further away from you. This is in fact, just how it works and this is what gets people stuck. They’ll get lost in a manifesting cycle and forget to live life. They’ll feel a ton of frustration at themselves for not being able to make this work for them, when clearly, it’s working wonders for other people.

I can give you one absolute fact right now: When other people are manifesting left, right and centre, it’s because they are less attached to the outcome. They are not hung up on their desires. They want, but they do not feel a desperate need.

The Energetic Universe

The universe is energy. everything around us is energy. You are an energetic force of nature! When people tell me that they aren’t manifesting, I tell them that they are in fact manifesting all of the time. What they actually mean is this: I am not manifesting the things that I want. There is a distinct difference. This is not a law that can be turned on and off. You don’t suddenly discover the law of attraction and flick the switch. You have always been manifesting, only you just didn’t know it.

Three Things to Do When Manifesting

The very first thing to do is to get clarity on what it is that you actually want. Imagine that clarity as a pure signal that is read by reality’s algorithm. Think of that as a giant quantum computer. It reads the signal, which is a feeling ignited by a desire. Job one done!

Now, imagine that you already have the thing that you want, whatever it is. How would you feel if you had it in this moment? Tap into the energy of the YOU in the future, that has this thing or person. Do this for around 30 seconds. I used to tell people to do it for 2 minutes but I have since re-evaluated this. Thirty seconds keeps this feeling on point, pure. It is an exact vibration of the thing that you want. Easy to read.

Final step: Allow. This is actually the most vital part of the process. Allowing means, not holding on too tightly or knowing that this is yours at some point, not looking at time in a frustrated manner, not constantly feeling the lack of it….basically anything that contradicts that signal. Imagine those things as hurdles that your manifestation has to jump on its way to you, only it can’t jump that high, so it gets stuck. It’s there, it’s been read, but it can’t be delivered back to you because you won’t let the universal courier get anywhere near you.

It’s Okay to Want it, But Not to Need It

When we need something, we are feeling ‘I don’t have it’ Imagine that as a very pure signal to the algorithm. There is nothing getting in the way of this particular vibration. Easy to read, easy to deliver. You’ll see it play out until you drop that feeling.

See this as a game. The game of life. You are playing around with energy in order to experience the things and people that you want to experience. The purer you keep your feeling on the subject, the closer to that exact thing you will get. If it’s a little mixed, you get a little mixed.

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