Body Confidence

Affirmations in this track:
  • I feel beautiful
  • I feel loved
  • I am happy in my own skin
  • I feel confident
  • I accept everything about my body
  • My body does great things for me
  • I like what I see in the mirror
  • I love my body as it is right now
  • I embrace everything about my body
  • I take care of my body but I don’t obsess over it
  • My body is a gift
  • Accepting myself exactly as I am in this moment is the key to change
  • I am not held back by others opinions
  • I only care what I think
  • I make conscious food choices
  • I trust my intuition to guide me


Body Confidence and Acceptance

Learn to love your body and see it as beautiful. Appreciate yourself and your body and feel confident in yourself again! This audio track is aimed at changing your feelings around your own body so that you are able to accept yourself, no matter your shape or size. When we obsess about anything we perceive as negative, we only notice those things. We cannot see different whilst feeling the same. When you start to feel different about your body, you will be able to see the beauty in it.

Something to note:

Effectiveness: I cannot give any guarantees as to how long a recording will take to have an effect on your subconscious. For some they work very quickly and for others, they take longer. The important thing to mention is that for maximum efficacy you should listen at least once a day.

Think of your meditation recording as a form of self-hypnosis. You are helping your subconscious mind to take on a new idea without it feeling like effort.

Please note: If you only use it once a week, it probably won’t have an effect, although, once you feel that it has made a significant impression on your subconscious, you may be able to stop listening altogether but you may choose to continue to listen a couple of times a week.

Volume – Low

DO NOT listen to meditation recordings if you are driving or operating heavy machinery. It’s best to avoid listening when you are performing any task that needs extreme focus.