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Manifesting Your Ex Back is All About You

How to Change Your Assumptions by Telling a New Story

So you want to get back with the ex that you just can’t move on from. You want them back so much, it hurts. You panic when you consider living the rest of your life without them in it, and you wonder if they’ve moved on already. You consider all of the circumstances and conclude that they do in fact matter in your case, but you plough on trying to manifest your ex anyway.

It’s a fantastical thing, but people interact with us by mirroring how we think about them and also ourselves. Cool, and bloody frustrating all at the same time. if only we could easily change the way that we feel about them and ourselves overnight. Impossible right?

Not so actually. There is common misconception when it comes to the law of attraction and it’s this: You simply must believe, have complete faith in your manifestation showing up. You cannot doubt or question or that’ll be it, over, done, finito!

None of this is in fact true. It’s a misunderstanding of what is going on here. What that actually is, I have no idea, but one thing I do know, is that all of the above, or some of it, will not stop you from getting back with your ex.

Start Telling a New Story

I don’t mean that you should go around telling your friends and family that your ex is sooo in love with you now and can’t stop thinking about you. That would be over the top. But what I am suggesting is that you tell yourself that story. If we get what we assume, that we must start to at least entertain the possibility of something different. That’s as heavy as we need to get. Understand that we can tell another story and in time, that story will show to us in real life. If you were to throw yourself into this in a ‘Lets give it a go’ fashion and not be hung up on witnessing the outcome, it can literally happen over-night. What? Yes I promise you it can.

Feeling is the Secret

As Neville Goddard once said ‘Feeling is the secret’ Those few words say it all. This is all about feeling. if you feel stuck then you will indeed be stuck. If you feel liberated by the idea of telling another story, then you will be liberated by the new story and then you will begin to see it unfold.

What is an Ex?

The fact that he or she is your ex, has no importance here. Stop calling them your ex and start referring to them by name only. We are all energy. Everything has its own vibration within us. So, how I may ‘feel’ the chair I am sitting on, may be different than you would feel it, if you were to sit in it.

Changing your vibration is what changes the story, and we all know what changing your vibration can do for your 3D reality. When we change the way that we think of someone, they change. They have no idea that they are different. I like to think that we shift into a reality where they are that way. It helps with any resistance I might be having.

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  1. Hi Evie, my name is Eteel I posted a comment on your youtube vid about trying to change my vibration from ‘lack’ and wondering if my ex will come back. I’ve done a lot of self work and hence I constantly find my myself wondering if they will come back and when. If I do think about them its only good things mostly but I feel like I’m constantly thinking about them even if I try to stay busy. You mentioned doing a visual technique, only thing is I feel like techniques only help while you’re in the moment for me. Would love your advice on what I should do. Thanks in advance!!

    1. Hi Eteel. It’s a short visual to get rid of anything unwanted. So you could imagine it’s your attachment to the outcome for example. Imagine taking a hard-drive out of you. It has the ‘attachment’ program in it. You drop it to the floor and you stamp on it until it breaks into pieces. You do this once a day for a couple of weeks. It’s great for shifting your feeling state. Everything else comes when your vibration changes for the better. You can do this with absolutely any feeling that you don’t think is serving you. 🙂

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