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Manifest Your Life by Influencing Energy to Your Advantage

A while ago, I began offering email coaching as well as my 1-2-1 Zoom sessions. Although I love talking to clients face to face, it doesn’t suit everyone. We don’t all feel comfortable bearing our souls to a person we hardly know.

Email coaching offers the same tailored advice and action plan without the time factor. You don’t have to be sat at your computer at any particular time to respond to me or send me that initial email.

I will help you to get into the right mind-set, the one that allows changes to occur without a concerted effort. The ‘try hard’ approach to manifesting is not what makes the magic work. Our overall feeling state/energy is what kicks in the changes. It’s my aim to help you get to a different energetic space. Sometimes that takes a few weeks and sometimes it happens almost instantly. That’s why I also offer a one off email coaching service. Not everyone wants to commit to four weeks.

How Does the Coaching Program Work?

I like to keep things as informal as possible, so with this in mind, there is no time-structure involved (apart from the course start and end dates) You come back to me when you are ready. I try my best to respond to all emails in a timely fashion. If I am at my computer you can expect a fairly instant response, if not you might be waiting 2-12 hours, depending on your location and the time difference between us.

Cost of Email Coaching

4 Weeks – Send up to 20 emails – £90

One off Email – £20

Enquire About Email Coaching Here.

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