Law of Attraction Coach & Author

Evie is an accredited law of attraction coach living in the City of Bath in the UK. As well as offering one-to-one coaching sessions and a home study course, Evie writes law of attraction books. From working to create a whole new reality to getting your ex back, she covers it all.

‘The Law of Attraction is simply a term used to describe the way in which life works and reality comes into being. I can only go by my own experiences and I have brought many amazing things into my reality and also managed to get rid of undesirable elements simply by using my imagination and intention’

Changing a Life With The Law of attraction

Evie changed her own life with the law of attraction and it’s her goal to help you change yours for the better. Coaches in the UK are few and far between, with many people working with coaches in the States.

‘I hope to make it easier for people in the UK to access national LOA coaching. I now run home-study courses that are backed up with 1-2-1 support from me. This way, I am able to take more students at any one time and offer specific support via each module.’

Evie’s Law of Attraction Books

Evie writes from her own experiences with the law of attraction and never tells you what to do, only telling you what has worked for her. She went from digital media marketing director to author, coach and content writer in the space of one year all with the power of intention and detachment from the outcome. She still owns her digital media company but outsources lots of her work these days.

Evie’s latest book Get Back With Your Ex is available for £1.99 via Amazon

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