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How to Let go of Attachment and Manifest the Life That Your Want

It’s one thing to know about the law of attraction and to understand that we do indeed create our own reality as we go. But it’s another thing to find a way of making it work. Why do some people struggle to manifest? The main block to manifesting is attachment to either the outcome, the desire or manifesting the desire.

When you want to Manifest a Specific Person

manifest a specific person, manifest love

I’d say that this is the most problematic of all desires and manifestations. Not that it is an issue to the Universe or reality, God or something else. Who knows what this is really. It’s a problem to us as human beings because we find it difficult to let go of the desire to ‘do it ourselves’

It’s scary to let something else sort it for us isn’t it? What if this greater power stuffs it up? Our brain wants to hold on and it will desperately try to convince us that it CAN bring our ex back, or manifest that guy or girl that we so want to be with. But it can’t as long as we hold on to the outcome.

Attachment will always get in the way of manifestation. Why? Because we might just as well be announcing to whatever this is that we don’t in fact want that new career or that person in our lives. I find attachment to be like a solid metal door, you know, like a prison door after it’s been slammed shut by a prison guard. There is no getting in unless he comes back with the key and he’s gone on his holidays.

A Book About Letting go

Or at least entertaining the idea of letting go and releasing your attachment

I listen to my clients and over time I have come to realise that as a law of attraction coach I am generally helping them to let go. Really, there is nothing else. Intending and then letting go is all that you need. But attachment has this habit of making a little space in your heart and getting comfortable doesn’t it?

So with that in mind and by popular demand, I wrote a book about letting go of attachment and how to do it more naturally. No force, no frustration…

Law of Attraction Author

I am a writer in any case. I write fiction, I write relationship articles, I have written for film and production companies. I love writing and so writing about detachment and helping readers get to grips with the many ways in which attachment manifests filled me with joy. Putting it all down in black and white was therapeutic for me too. It reminded me that letting go sets you free 🙂

Degrees of Attachment – £2.99 Amazon

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