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The Best Books for Manifesting

There are so many books out there right now, it really is a bit of a mine-field. Where do you start when it comes to choosing life-changing law of attraction books?

Who do I recommend as an LOA Author?

I love Neville Goddard of course. I also recommend Genevieve Davis and Richard Dotts.

I am probably the least spiritual Law of Attraction coach and writer. That doesn’t matter where results are concerned. I used to think that meant that I’d never manage to make it work for me because, it is a spiritual practise right? Not so as it turns out. It is whatever you think it is.

I have made it work for me on a more scientific stroke Magic level! That is why I like Genevieve Davis as an author. She too describes the law of attraction as magic. So I wasn’t so crazy after all

Manifesting or Creating?

The word manifesting in itself can cause a block. It sounds like hard work doesn’t it? I prefer to think that I am simply creating my life with my feelings and that goes for the bigger desires too. Everything but everything is brought to life with a feeliing.

Law of Attraction Authors

It was an issue for me. Who could I resonate with? Was there any author that would do it for me? I found lots of them and most were making this work on what they considered to be a spiritual level. Make the Universe your BFF, the Universe has your back, we are ascending….I’m not saying that this isn’t the case, it just doesn’t work for me.

I found Richard Dotts

It was such a relief to find an author that I actually resonated (in the most part) with. Richard is spiritual but he’s also a practical sort who explains things in real terms and makes you feel as if it’s doable for anyone, and it is!

I have read most of his books and enjoyed them all.

Genevieve Davis

I knew that she was the author for me back in the day. She called LOA magic and that was always how I had felt about it. Her down to earth approach was perfect.

My Approach to Writing About LOA

I have been a writer for longer than I have been a law of attraction author. I love to write and to write about LOA is so much fun. If I manage to help a few people make this magic work for them without stressing themselves out in the process and feeling frustrated that they have become stuck in the intention part of the process then I am a happy girl!

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