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How we Can Use Energy Influencing to Create Our Dream Life

Using Quantum physics to Manifest Rather Than the Law of Attraction

The term Law of Attraction can be very off-putting to lots of people. It implies something mystical, and if you aren’t into spiritualism is can seem out of the realms of ‘normal people’s reality’ therefore, woowoo and a bit of wishful thinking. Of course, there is nothing wrong with Wishful thinking, I even wrote a book about it! In fact, all this is is energy. Whatever you want to call it, it’s quantum physics, or as I often refer to it, weird science at work.

Take a look at this. It’s the Hertz vibration scale. Each feeling/vibration has a value, the higher values being the most beneficial. The higher vibration we tap into, the more things on that level we ‘attract’ although I prefer to call it create. We are writing our very own movie based on our energy. The words tumble onto the page according to how we feel in any given moment.

hertz vibration scale image
You can see shame and guilt at the very bottom of the chart as you might expect. So, if you are emitting the signal of shame right now, imagine what else might show up for you. Probably more reasons to feel shame. That frequency can do nothing but give you more of the same.

Maybe sometimes you get your happy on and emit a whole other signal, perhaps it’s joy. You will see more of that, but then you drop back down to shame, so more of that shows up for you. It really is as simple as that.

How Can You Change Your Energetic Frequency to Match Your Desired Life?

  • Become aware of yours right now
  • Understand that if it feels out of line with the life you’d like to live, it needs to be changed
  • Choose a level from the list above – See if you can hold that for a few minutes
  • Choose to be that for a day or so. Walk around with this energy of ‘joy’ if that’s what you have chosen.
  • Acceptance of the now will release tension and free up space for the new

This really is it. This is an energetic universe and that is a proven fact. We are energetic beings. If we can tap into the essence of us we can begin to move forward.

When we use words like manifest, we make this seem like a magic trick we must perform, and well, what if we can’t do it? Then we live in fear of not creating what we want and we emit that frequency. Our energy becomes one of fear. The trick is to really notice what you are energetically. Once you’ve done that, you have to change it. You can’t stay in the same energy and make radical changes. Your energy HAS to change, but picking one of the feelings from the list is going general. This means that you are not so hung up on certain outcomes. You are allowing the energy to take over. Trust that science will look after you. 🙂

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