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How to Use The Law of Assumption

Learn how to assume what you want is actually already true.

Yes, you can assume anything and then see it appear in your own reality as if by magic. The key is first to decide what assumptions you would need in order to manifest the thing that you are wanting. Here in, lies the tricky part. How do you assume something when you know it isn’t true?

See Your New Assumptions as a Key to Your New Reality

Try not to force your rational mind to believe what you are saying to it. You’ll stumble at the first hurdle if you try in any case. The rational mind is there to protect us. It will always stick it’s ore in and try to convince us that we are deluded or worse, a little bit crazy. The key to making new assumptions is to ignore the mind and go straight for the subconscious. Allow the mind to witter on of it must but gently tell it that you are not speaking to it, you are talking to the magical part of you that has the power to make things happen.

Why is it All About The Subconscious Mind?

The subconscious mind does not know the past or the future. It only knows now. It is loaded with deep routed beliefs and assumptions that we have bombarded it with over the years. So what does it do with those feelings? It shows them back to us in our reality. It gives us more and more of what we expect from life. Noticing these self-sabotaging belief patterns is the first step to changing them. We don’t always notice them, therefore we have no idea of the damage they may be doing. Of course, lots of beliefs and assumptions are positive. I have one: I never catch colds anymore – I have not had one for almost 6 years.

The Best Assumptions to Program Your Subconscious Mind for the Better

‘I am happy’

‘I am self-assured’

‘I know that everything is working out for me’

‘Life flows effortlessly for me’

‘People are drawn to me’

Why These affirmations?

Because they make everything work better. They are the core affirmations that will allow all desires to come to you without the need to over-try for them. Manifesting the things that we want to see show up in our lives is really all about us. ‘People are drawn to me’ – If you can get along with people and they like you, then you can achieve wonders.

Example of Assumption: I used to work for a publishing company. I had zero qualifications and I started on the switchboard. I have always had a strong core belief that people like me. I used this assumption to move around the company and ended up in a job that should have required a degree. I assumed I could get any job there as I knew that people liked me, so heads of departments would happily give me a job if I just asked for it. This was just an overall feeling that I had. I really can’t say where that belief came from but it has served me well over the years ๐Ÿ™‚ Let’s say that I assumed the opposite: ‘People don’t take to me. I’ll never get another job in this company’ – I would not have had the success that I did. People would reflect back to me what I expected from them. They wouldn’t take to me and I’d have had little or no success in changing my position.

So start today. Go deep and uncover some of your assumptions and then decide how you are going to change them. An assumption can take time to re-program or install. The best and most effective way to do it is by making a decision not to look for the result and also by using the examples above. These will allow you to manifest other things and you won’t be constantly looking for them to show up. Why? Because you’ll be happy, self-assured and people will be going out of their way to help you out. ๐Ÿ™‚

I am an author and I am also a manifesting coach and mind-set coach. I work with clients across the world to help get them into the right head-space to create the life that they want.

If you want to know more about my coaching then please drop me a line ๐Ÿ™‚

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