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How to Ignore the 3D When Manifesting

The Law of Attraction and Observation

When we want something or want a situation to change and we can see things the same old same old or the opposite of what we want, how can we ‘not’ give that momentum. It’s in our face, it’s shouting loud at us. ‘I am here, so there’ – We suffer from confirmation bias. We see something, so we assume that we are doing something wrong, we must need to refine our manifesting skills, we just can’t do this, it’s all going wrong….the list goes on.

First of all: You aren’t doing anything wrong. It isn’t possible, there is no wrong or right, there is only feeling. Think of this as an energetic thing. The feeling is the energy. You might hear it referred to as vibration. It’s all the same thing.

What you see in current 3d reality is merely a reflection of your energy on the subject. Maybe you are moving past this old energy and feel that you are changed, so why is the 3d still the same? Residual energy and nothing more. There is a time-lag. Our inner world and our outer world don’t work at the same pace.

What is Reality?

This is the million dollar question. What is reality? If physicists can’t even give us an answer, what chance to we mere mortals have? The best way to look at it is this: Our inner and outer experience is all part of the same system. It’s one thing with two parts. They are always working together. You can’t have one without the other, but the inner always comes first. It’s tempting to think that the outer happens and then we feel it, but in actual fact it’s the other way around. We grow situations with the way that we feel about them. If someone says something that we don’t like, we ruminate on it, we have been upset by it and so we continue to give it momentum. What happens then? We see more evidence that this is indeed the way that they feel.

The 3D is Temporary

This is the best advice I can give you. Remind yourself that what you can see now is temporary. It will not last, if you don’t give it attention. How do we not give it attention when it is there for us to see in technicolour? We simply allow it to be. We don’t ‘try’ to change it. We don’t take a calculated action to overcome the 3d, it won’t work.

Accept it for now. Nothing in this life is permanent. Feelings change all of the time and so then do situations and circumstances. Acceptance will set you free. Observing reality will hold it in place. You cannot see change whilst you are heavily focused on ‘what is right now’ – Letting it be is letting the need to change it go. This is how is changes! Let the system do its job. Let it alone to work as it has been designed to work, or in other words, leave yourself alone to do what you have been designed to do.

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