Using The Law of Attraction

Yes it is completely possible to use the law of attraction to get back with your ex. People are energy and energy can be moved. When we think of material things such as cars, houses, clothes, money even, we see them as things so it’s easier to imagine more of them.

There is no such thing as a ‘thing’ and a ‘non-thing’ It’s hard to believe that we can bring someone back into our lives or indeed into our lives from nowhere, but we can!

The law of attraction is simply a term we use in order to describe what is actually quantum physics at work. Think about how QP works for a moment. You can’t really can you? It doesn’t make sense, but it’s a fact that energy behaves differently when it is observed. It’s a proven as far as QP is concerned, only we have no idea why.

The Law of Attraction on Love

Specific person manifestation – Let’s say that you split from your ex a year ago. You are holding onto all kinds of resentment and hurt, but you still want them back. I assume because there was someone awesome about your relationship. You have been trying like crazy to get them back, but to no avail. Why can’t you manifest your ex back when you are using all of the techniques out there? Other people seem to be getting back with their ex easily. Why are you stuck?

Reasons You Aren’t Manifesting Your Ex Back

There are a couple of things to consider here. 1) You are stuck in the past, you can’t let go of the bad stuff and 2) You believe that circumstances matter.

So first off let me tell you that it’s okay to let go of the negative emotions associated with the old relationship. After all, who are those feelings hurting? You and no-one else. Secondly past circumstances don’t matter at all when it comes to manifestation.

When you understand both of these fundamentals, you are ready to manifest your ex back. Now all that you have to do is let go. Conclude that you have done all that you can do. Now it’s up to reality to move for you and bring your ex back in the best possible way.

You can make this as simple or as complicated as you like. As human beings we conclude that we have to make it hard work, because hard work pays off doesn’t it? Not in this case, I promise you.

I get so many emails from people wanting to manifest an ex partner and most are just touching on the law of attraction as a theory and can’t quite get their heads around leaving it to reality (or the Universe if you prefer). But that is all you have to do!

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