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negative thinking and manifestation

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Does Negative Thinking Affect my Manifestation?

Thoughts and Manifestation

Negative thoughts will not necessarily stop you from manifesting that thing that you have desired for a while. We manifest, or as I prefer to say, create all day every day. It’s how life works. The law of attraction (as it’s commonly known) is like gravity. It works all of the time, whether you believe in it or not. It just is.

Negative thoughts, whilst not the greatest sort, will not mean that you won’t get your desired manifestation. If you are feeling bad and have been moaning to yourself about how much you hate your job, your boss or how your best friend is treating you badly and on top of this you desire to get a call from your ex, thinking these negative thoughts all day long, will not mean that you won’t get that call. Thoughts and feelings negatively directed towards something else, have no power to effect your intentions. In fact, a negative thought, unless it has huge momentum behind it, rarely effects a manifestation that involves those same thoughts.

Negative Thoughts Shouldn’t be Watered

We all get negative thoughts from time to time. The trick is not to water them with engagement. If you simply allow them to be there and don’t talk back to yourself in agreement, they cannot grow into a strong vibration.

It’s a fact however, that if you believe that bad luck follows you, it will continue to do so. If you are the person that regularly says ‘Bad things always happen to me. As soon as something good happens, something bad happens to cancel it out’ then that is how life will reflect back to you. Not only do you suggest that this is the case, you feel it as if it were real, and so it becomes real.

Lucky People

Lucky people are so because they have a general underlying vibration of good things, of good luck, or being lucky in life and they most often expect the best rather than the worst.

My son Harry is the most optimistic, laid-back, positive person I know. He is a freelance video editor, and due to the pandemic he lost a rather lucrative filming and editing project. He didn’t moan. He just smiled and stated ‘Something else will come along, it always does.’ Two days later one of my husbands clients asked if he knew of any video editors for a project they are working on! ‘Yes as a matter of fact I do‘ he replied.

Talk to Yourself

Words have awesome power. When you catch yourself winging and moaning to yourself, stop. Consider those thoughts for a moment and bring to mind your desired reality. Can you turn things around by talking to yourself in line with that reality? Don’t do it to see immediate results. Do it because it will make you feel better. If you keep it up then it will become natural for you to think positively and you WILL see changes that reflect your new self-chatter.

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