All Things Law of Attraction with Abeer Unis

Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to find myself chatting with Abeer on her podcast. We talked all things law of attraction around manifesting, life, love, career. You name it, we covered it.

What Did I Learn That I Didn’t Know Before?

Firstly, I learnt that I am probably the only person ever to look worse with a Zoom filter :/ I have just purchased a decent webcam. Oh, the vanity of me!

On a more serious note though. I was reminded that we all get good at this when we do it our way. There is no one way that works. No, one size fits all or magic technique that we just need to find and then it will all fall into place.

Abeer has struggled to make this work in the past but she has a better understanding of it now and I think that’s a common theme. I struggled for a whole year ‘trying’ to make stuff happen. Yes, a full twelve months before I realised that I was losing my magic. The magic we are all born with but get knocked out of us by this thing we call life. We realise that we can make stuff happen, we do it some more, we read the Secret, we do it some more. It’s fun and then….it’s not.

The fun disappears for most of us for a while. We get caught up in the illusion that this is hard work. We have to persist and struggle with tried and tested methods until that thing magically appears in our lives. No mention of attachment to the outcome holding us back or internal programs running alongside something we are trying to change, just ticking over, creating more and more of the same.

Why do we Create Super-Fast When we Aren’t Trying?

Those beliefs and patterns don’t matter when we aren’t trying as we aren’t thinking ‘Well I have this going on inside. It’s all messed up. I’m not good enough, I can’t sustain relationships, I have abandonment issues’ and so on and so on. We make these things blocks just by observing them as such.

Talking to Abeer and hearing her struggles and her change of attitude and understanding of the ‘backwards law’ where the more you want it the further away if moves, made me realise that the majority of us get there in the end. We don’t necessarily know how we got there but we feel the inner shift and we just know beyond all doubt that less is more. We don’t need to struggle for anything. In fact, when we do, we don’t see it. We get frustrated, throw our hands up in the air and then bang! It’s here and we put it down to all the hard work paying off after all. But no, it was merely the release of that pent up energy and the exasperated scream into submission to it not happening that brought it to us. 🙂

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