Female YA authors - Teen fiction writer Evie Sparkes

About Me

Evie is an author, content writer and digital marketing exec from Bath in the UK.

'Apart from all of that, I am a massive science geek. I love learning new things about the Universe we inhabit, and if aliens invaded, I'd die happy, just knowing they existed.'

'I don't believe that reality is fatalistic. I believe we get to choose our own road. Okay, so we have to do a bit of work to make it happen, but once we've done that bit, the rest is like sailing on a slow moving  slightly downhill, current. If you sit comfortably, and don't stress about how you're going to get to your destination, or worry about falling out of the boat, you'll be fine.'

Evie writes for young adults and women. Her books are modern and fast paced.  Evie's writing style has been described as quirky and If you are a fan of the modern age, issues facing teenagers, some big, some not so big, then her books may be for you.

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