How Wishful Thinking Became More Than Just A Self Help Book

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Wishful Thinking

I’d been thinking about writing a self-help style book for a while. I just couldn’t get up the enthusiasm for it. I was busy writing fiction at the time, and something factual seemed a little like hard work. Anyway, how was my book on ‘wishful thinking‘ going to be any different than anyone else’s take on the same theory?

That’s when I veered off course and started writing about it from Maddie’s point of view. As soon as I started writing, I knew it was the way to go. When I’d finished, not only did I have a comprehensive and instructive book on LOA and how it seems to work, but I also found myself with a fiction book for teens.

My Creation

It wasn’t until someone in the literary industry read it and said it was good enough to be published that I even considered it. It was at that precise moment that I smiled to myself in the realisation that I has created a situation for myself that had allowed me to publish a book that I could promote as YA fiction and as a book on LOA. If only I’d had my book five years ago!


fiction books for teens

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