The Law of Attraction and Me

The law of attraction and BSFF method

I know I’ve said it before, but although I call it The Law Of Attraction, those words don’t really do this magic justice. That’s the word that best describes it in fact.

When we think about attracting something onto our lives we see the possibility if it not being attracted to us. When we see it as magic that we are in control of, creating our life just as we have designed it, then it’s easier to let go of any doubt. Just believing in the possibility is usually enough. It’s not as if it isn’t happening all the time. It’s just that we didn’t realise that actually, we are in control.

BSFF Technique For Letting Go

I came across Be Set Free Fast by Prof. Larry Nimms. This technique is a must if you are stuck with your manifestations. Not just that though. If you are stuck emotionally with absolutely anything. I’ll write another post specifically about BSFF and tell you how it works and why. In the meantime, if you can’t wait then google Larry Nimms. I use this technique any time I am mentally stuck or when something has upset me. It takes a lot for anything to do that, but it does occasionally happen 😉

how to let go with the BSFF technique from Larry Nimms.


I have successfully brought about everything I dreamt of in the space of 12 months. Pretty damned easily it has to be said. That’s it with LOA. It’s simple because it’s just what we do. Getting hung up on technique, visualisations, picture boards, affirmations and all that stuff just makes it complicated. I am in essence fairly lazy (I work hard not to be) and will look for the easy option at all times.

Once I realised it was as simple as feeling as if you already have the thing you want and nothing more, I started to get it all in double quick time. Often I’d think really? Surely it must just be chance or coincidence but now I see how bonkers believing in coincidence really is. Coincidence is a way crazier notion than believing we make these things happen. Is it not way easier to believe that I bumped into someone I hadn’t seen in years, just hours after I’d been talking about them with a friend because I created that encounter? Coincidence? I think not, that would be mental!

Never give up on your dreams but don’t obsess over them either. Obsession is resistance and that is like a solid metal barrier when it comes to manifestation.

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