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What Did Magic Do For Me?

I refer to it as the law of attraction on this website, because that’s how it’s known, and how people find these posts, unless they are searching for information on me as an author. But to me, it is all crazy magic  –  wonderful, chaotic and beautiful, if you learn to work it….

To be honest, attraction doesn’t really cut it for me. If we think a bad thought, then bad is immediately coming to us because we’ve attracted it? This isn’t the way I experience life. Admittedly, I try not to have negative thoughts, and I try hard not to let things get to me. Actually, that’s not strictly true. I don’t try hard, I tried hard to learn how not to try so hard!

If you want to pass exams, make more money, get a new job, learn new things or travel, you can do it. Yes really, we all can. All you have to do is believe it’s possible to bring things into your reality with your imagination and little or no inner conflict with those desires. My friends and family have called me a witch, they say I have some sort of magic gift. NO, I don’t. I am no different than you.


Thinking about something over and over, in the hope you will somehow magic it into reality is a sure fire way not to get it? But we’re supposed to focus on things aren’t we? NO, and this is a categoric NO. A little bit of focus is cool. A lot of focus is not cool.

Whatever this stuff is, (and I really don’t claim to know what that might be) it’s always there, always working. Like gravity. It doesn’t work sometimes and not others. So how come when I think about some things, I get them right away then? Because you don’t care so much. You’d like them, but you don’t consider it to be the end of the world if you don’t get them. So you aren’t focusing on them. You are detached from the outcome. You might consider them sometimes along the way, but just in a musing sort of way. Like Oh I haven’t got that yet, I wonder how it will come or even if it will… and that too is okay. It’s been my experience, that it’s okay to doubt, as long as you don’t do it for too long. A few minutes doubt every now and again will not stop the momentum. So don’t worry about worrying about it either!

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A Personal Story

I once decided I wanted to let a retail business go. I’d had it for twelve years and I had zero passion left for it. I was trying to do too many things. My husband would snap at me whenever I suggested letting it go; It’s a full time income for not too much work, what are you complaining about? he’d say. So I resigned myself to being stuck with it, because I didn’t want to cause a conflict at home.

Starting To Create

This was pretty much at the start of my journey with all of this stuff, so I hadn’t really considered just asking for it. I sat down one evening and said to myself; I want to let go of it. I want it to happen easily, and I don’t want to bring the subject up again. I had no idea how it might happen, and also thought that I didn’t put enough effort into the asking. I didn’t feel that passionately about the desire. It would be nice, but I’d carry on as usual if it didn’t happen. I wasn’t that bothered.

The next day I wondered if something might happen, I even felt a bit anxious that simply by wondering about it, I’d made it not happen!  I forgot about it again, and the very next evening, Jeremy took a sip of his tea and looked at me; Pack it in if you like, the business I mean. I don’t mind anymore. WTF??!

I told him what I’d done. He knew I was getting into this stuff , so he just rolled his eyes at me. Then he admitted; It is weird though, I mean I really am not bothered, and I was before. Then he told me it was a load of crap really, and I was probably just a witch.

I wondered if I’d created the situation by asking. It wasn’t what I’d expected to happen. I didn’t for a minute think that Jeremy would cave in, quite simply, because he never, ever does! I am the one that does the caving, I am the one that says sorry, gives in and lets him have his own way. I’d thought it might come some other way, although I had no idea how.

Law Of Attraction?

I don’t see that I attracted this desire, I see I created a situation that allowed me to get what I wanted. I suppose maybe, you attract the situation, if you want to use that word. The word ‘Attraction’ to me, makes it seem like it’s a bit out of reach. Like you have to perform magic to get the thing you want, maybe it won’t be attracted to you. But if you think creation, then you are in control of that. Anyway, I firmly believe it comes from within. I didn’t refer to the business, I just said ‘it’ I didn’t make it clear to some outside source, that’s what I wanted. I told my inner self, the spirit version if you like. It’s funny, because when people refer to me as spiritual, I laugh. I’m not spiritual I say.

I believe in science, but I also believe there’s something magical going on. I don’t know what it is, I don’t care to know. I have successfully created so many situations, and now most of those things I wanted are a physical reality for me. I now get this deep knowing, every time something is on the way. It’s a feeling deep inside of me. I have no doubt that what I want is almost with me, because I’ve already created it…


  1. Betsymillard
    15th August 2018

    I love this article! Just found your site, think I’m too early for the book but I will download it when it comes out. That’s the problem I have too. I keep worrying the universe won’t sent it to me. Maybe I should start thinking it’s all about me then!! Feel happier already!!

  2. Franko
    20th September 2018

    I see it as attraction but I think the two are connected. You have to use them both to make the magick work.

  3. Lara Croft
    13th October 2018

    Focus is a killer. DO NOT focus for long, it’ll be the death of your wish.


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